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August | 2019

Helping Canon Extend a Brand

Last year, JDA worked with Canon USA to build a brand from the ground up. The master brand name is IVY. The original IVY product is a pocket photo printer that connects through an app on your smartphone to wirelessly print and add fun graphics to your photos. The next logical step was to make a camera and printer in one product. In April, Canon introduced the IVY CLIQ and IVY CLIQ+.

One of the main communication challenges on all of the promotional materials was explaining the difference between the original IVY, the IVY CLIQ and the IVY CLIQ+. The IVY works with your smartphone camera through the Canon Mini Print app that also provides additional printing features. The IVY CLIQ is a camera and printer in one. The IVY CLIQ+ is a camera and printer in one, but also works with the Canon Mini Print app so the user can add graphics and captions to the photos.

Package Design Challenges

The product itself is small at only 4.8″ (L) x 3.2″ (W) x 0.9″ (H) and the prints are 2″ x 3″. We wanted to tie the design to the original IVY but still stand on its own. The diagonal line across the package was kept but we included a textured background to help distinguish the products. There is also a snipe on the IVY CLIQ+ to call out the app. As with the original IVY, we also had the package color represent the color of the product.

Collaborating with Photographer Jim Purdum

This product needed lifestyle shots to show the product in use. We worked with Jim Purdum again, who also did the original IVY photos. We chose a mini golf course because it offered a lot of locations and added color to the photos. It is always so much fun to collaborate with Jim because he adds his own ideas on how to make the imagery more versatile. See more at: www.jimpurdum.com.

Shprinck the World

Canon took an unconventional, tongue-in-cheek approach to their advertising which added to the fun vibe of the product. Don’t just capture a moment “shprinck the world” (FCB New York). JDA helped spread the message through a feature video as well as a customer-facing brochure. Below is an article regarding the campaign.

Here is how JDA helped to spread the campaign and message

Capturing Attention In Store

Canon now had two full lines of product to merchandise in-store. The main communication goal was to show the feature differences between the products. This was accomplished on the front lip of the display.

A Taste of France in San Pedro CA

We love being a part of helping our local communities grow and offer unique experiences to the neighborhood. La Buvette Wine Bistro pays tribute to the classic casual French bistros in Southern France. This restaurant also sources their food locally which is good for the community. JDA partnered with the owners to develop their brand and online presence. We drew inspiration from the colorful tiles found in the South of France.

The cuisine is rustic comfort food and the logo needed to convey this. The logo also complemented their airy and eclectic interior.

The website highlighted pictures of their food and the interior. It provides a wonderful biography of their exceptional chef as well as the owners.

So far the restaurant has opened to much praise from the local community and it is a great addition to the up-and-coming Downtown San Pedro area. If the Yelp stars are any indication, they will be around for awhile.