JDA & SYNQY for Branded Enhanced Product Listings

What is SYNQY?

SYNQY is a Cloud service that makes it easy to put interactive, up-to-date branded content on any website through a syndicated lightbox. With SYNQY, once the asset code is included on a website, it can be updated remotely and pushed to all locations simultaneously.

This image/button is a SYNQY—Click it to interact with the content without leaving this page.

How does JDA make a SYNQY?

JDA creates assets to be associated with a “SYNQY Smartbrand Code”. These assets include a top-layer image (or button) and a payload such as a microsite, or any html 5 content.

We then create a “Sharepage” for our clients to share their synqy codes.

Top-layer Image

HTML5 Payload

SYNQY Code Sharepage

What Does a SYNQY do?

On page load, the SYNQY script polls the SYNQY servers for the latest top-layer image to place on the page and the latest payload or content to be displayed when clicked.

From the Sharepage, the site owner simply copies and pastes the SYNQY code into their html page where they want it to appear.

When the page renders, the top-layer image/button is placed on the page.

When a visitor clicks the top-layer image/button, the branded content is displayed in a lightbox. All without taking them away from the site!

What are the Benefits of SYNQY?

  • Engagement with branded content without leaving the page.
  • The top-layer and content are independent of the 3rd party website, so content is updateable without any further intervention by website owners.
  • Any rich media (responsive microsites with video, audio, animations, and pdf docs) can be used as a payload.
  • Enterprise controller can automatically add the SYNQY to eligible products on e-commerce product pages.
  • SYNQYS are perfect for timed offers—they can be updated or turned off remotely.
  • SYNQY analytics provide valuable insight.

How do I Get Started?

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JDA is a licensed SYNQY content developer and preferred partner.